The myths of online slots

There have been some people who have doubts about online casinos. They believe that games are rigged or something is off. These accusations are often not clear and may come from losses, especially when things do not go their way. However, there are many legit platforms such as , which are regulated and trustworthy.

Dispelling rumours about rigged slots

Those who are often sceptical about online casinos and mention that slots are rigged; usually have lost games and cannot fathom how this could be. They may point out the sets look odd or that slot machines are faulty. Unregulated casinos may have rigged slots but it's unlikely that an avid player would join a dodgy casino.

  • Players should make sure casinos are licensed
  • Stick to recommended sites
  • Find blacklist sites that will confirm which casinos to avoid

When playing licenced slots by a recognized body, a player will never be exposed to rigged slots. The slots might have a house edge and this could pose as a barrier. However, almost all slots do. Since slots are now online and have evolved from mechanical slots. They used algorithms using lines of code to play.

How Online Slots Work

Algorithms are set into place with online slots and RTP rates are predetermined and written into the software that's created. The payout percentage added into the software is regulated by law. These differ depending on the countries the casinos are based in. The variance is also important as it determines the type of payout a player will get.

The variance is the kind of payout a player should expect from a slot machine. If a slot has a high variance, it means that it will payout less frequently but when it does, it will pay out huge amounts when a player wins. This will be a factor in determining if a slot is rigged or not.

Random Number Generators

There are codes written into the software; known as Random Number Generators (RNGs). Random numbers are generated meaning all players have a fair chance and an equal chance to win. A set of numbers are displayed on the system each time the reels spin which leads to different combinations of pay lines.

  • Slot machines cannot dictate wins and losses
  • Slot machines have the same odds
  • Licencing powers make sure online slots are fair and just and provide licences

An online slot machine system does not have a memory attached to it. And so it can not dictate when to give out wins and losses. It will never know when players either won or lost a game previously. So even if a player had a big win before, they could always lose or even hit a jackpot.

Licencing and fair slots

There many developers creating their own games and entities with alone casinos. Control is needed in the online casino market and that is where independent regulatory authorities come into play. All casinos must have licenses, and the authorities ensure that all games are legit and that all games match their stated RTP's.

The licences that the developers and casinos receive make sure that safety is set. From the standards of security and to the customer service. Criteria are placed by the authorities which determine the legitimacy of the games and the casinos. The indicators which help evaluate the businesses and the policies placed by the owners.

Finding a legit casino

It is important to make sure that the casino you select has licensing and a good reputation. By playing at casinos that are licensed, as a player, you will be sure that you are only gaming where safety and fairness are taken into consideration. Your personal data will be safe and very secure.

  • Investigate casino websites to make sure they are licensed
  • Look out for games that have published payouts, so that winnings are transparent

When playing games with published payouts, you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into when playing online slots. Playing at a reliable casino will put you at great ease and as a player you'll be in safe hands. It is best to not even consider casinos that you are not sure about.